zirconia heart necklace
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zirconia heart necklace

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Zirconia heart

Gold plated.
Nickel free.
18k gold.


Zodiac Signs: Sagittarius & Virgo

Indications: Brown zircon heals headaches and is grounding.
Colorless clears the aura
Colorless and yellow will clear the entire aura, bring sleep and give wisdom in stressful times, may also attract love.
Red heals injuries, soothes pains and is especially helpful with ear infections.
Green helps one open up to make new friends and draws wealth
Light blue balances, uplifts, stabilizes the mind and emotions
Pink will assist in astral travel at night during sleep
Violet is a money magnet

Properties: Colorless (clear or white) – a magical substitution for diamond, it is worn for protection. Use it for clear thinking and to promote the mental processes.
Yellow – wear this to increase sexual energy or to attract love. Carry to drive away depression, to increase alertness and for business success.
Orange – wear to increase beauty and to still fears and jealousy, carried during travel it guards against injury. Worn or place in the home, it safeguards against theft; so keep an orange zircon with valuable. Set in gold, it is doubly powerful.
Red – this stone will increase riches if worn or used in such rituals. It will also guard against injuries. A protective stone, it vitalizes the body, lends energy in times of physical stress and heals. Worn, it will draw pain from the body.
Brown – used for grounding and centering, it is also employed in wealth and money spells.
Violet is specifically used in any and all money spells


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